How to configure iphone for incoming and outgoing mail.

Go to your accounts and passwords under your settings icon.

Add Account or Edit an existing account
If add continue, If edit skip to number

You will see options for google, yahoo, aol, Choose other at the bottom.
Fill in your email and password for your email on our end. The name and description fields are your choice.

It may fail but just continue and click ok. Choose imap or pop3, your account supports both. imap stored the mail on the server indefinately until you delete, pop3 stores the email on your device. Set your incoming and outgoing hostname, username(email) and password (all fields are required).

For incoming pop3
Go to the advanced tab.
Set Deleted messages to 1 day or 1 week.
Check Use SSL,
Authenticated choose md5 challenge-response
Delete from server: choose 7 days or your mailbox will grow until it maxes on space.
Server port 995

For outgoing SMTP
Edit your outgoing mailserver SMTP
fill in your hostname and username(email), password
Check Use SSL,
Authenticated choose md5 challenge-response
Server port 465

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